Tooth Extraction Aftermath

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The basic nature of a human being is to eat. A person cannot live without in taking nutrients to suffice his/her hunger. With the help of our teeth, we are able to take in foods and nutrients we need to survive the circle of life. This is why we have to take good care of our teeth even after we have undergone a tooth extraction. Here are pointers on how to do this:

*Make sure to take in a lot of nutrients before undergoing an extraction. It will help you avoid stomach stress or what we call "butterflies in the stomach."

*Be sure to fill your stomach with food because after the operation you cannot just eat anything you want.

*During tooth extraction, when the dentist gave you anesthesia try not to move your mouth or bite your tongue because it will surely hurt after the anesthetic is gone.

*Try not to eat hard food or foods with shells because it will affect the expose gum and it will surely give you a painful experience.

*Instead, satisfy yourself with light and cold food like (ice cream, cake, yogurt and more.)

*Follow the dentist's prescription dutifully to prevent infection and pain. The dentist will more likely give you painkillers and antibiotics.

*DO NOT SMOKE for at least 24 hours after extraction. It will be very painful because your gums and nerves are out in the open for bacterial infection.

*DO NOT DRINK liquor because alcohol is very painful to open wounds.

*Gargle warm water with salt from the second day after the extraction onwards. It will prevent you from getting infection.

*When brushing your teeth, make sure not to brush roughly because it might remove the blood clot and might lead to excessive bleeding.

*Do not move around because physical activity will just prolong the bleeding of the extracted area.

*Try to relax and sit tight while you indulge yourself in ice cream and popsicles.

*After a week after the tooth extraction, visit your dentist and have a check up to know if you can already eat normally.

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Tooth Extraction Aftermath

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This article was published on 2010/03/27